Sydney: Bondi and the Blue Mountains

During my weekend in Sydney, we planned to do two trips out of the CBD, the first of which was to the Instagram haven, Bondi Beach. The tram journey was only about 20 minutes, and it quickly became clear that we were on the right tram after I was smacked in the face by a surfboard by a dude with sun-bleached blond hair.

Animals in Australia

In the two weeks that I have been in this surprisingly cold country (come to Australia, they said; it’ll be hot, they said), it will be no surprise to anyone that knows me that I have embarked on two animal-themed trips.

Vacpacking to Australia

The first stage of my adventures in Australia was probably the least exciting: packing. How on earth are you meant to fit one year’s worth of clothing and miscellaneous bits and bobs into one 30kg suitcase (especially when an extra suitcase would set you back a hefty $2000 AUD)?